Break 100 in Golf: Master the Techniques for Success

How to Break 100 in Golf

To break 100 in golf, play with forgiving clubs, use a soft compression golf ball, optimize wrist flexion and extension, practice weekly, hire a coach, master green reading, learn the correct ball position, and keep your driver in the bag. Eliminate big mistakes to set up reasonable short shots. By doing so, you can easily … Read more

Wedge Swing Vs Iron Swing: Uncovering the Key Differences

Wedge Swing Vs Iron Swing

The wedge swing and iron swing differ in the level of control and shot placement. Wedges require a more controlled and precise swing to hit the ball close to the flag, while irons are aimed at hitting the green. Wedges have higher loft angles and are used for shorter shots, pitches, and chips, while irons … Read more

Common Golf Swing Mistakes: Avoid These Errors for Better Performance

Common Golf Swing Mistakes

Common golf swing mistakes can hinder your performance on the golf course. One of the most frequent errors golfers make is poor alignment, which can lead to inconsistent shots. Another prevalent mistake is using improperly sized golf clubs, as this can affect the accuracy and distance of your swings. Other common errors include a short … Read more

How to Become a Professional Golfer: Master the Game and Go Pro

How to Become Professional Golfer

To become a professional golfer, you must reach professional standard, compete in amateur events, commit to going professional, sign up for Q-school, compete in the Korn Ferry Tour, and reach PGA Tour player status. It is a tough road that requires hard work and early success in order to sustain a career in professional golf. … Read more

Hitting Out of Rough in Golf: Mastering the Challenge

When hitting out of rough in golf, set the ball forward in your stance and open the clubface. Keep a quiet lower body on the backswing and fire through on your swing while maintaining your spine angle and fully rotating your hips. Credit: The Importance Of Hitting Out Of Rough The Importance of Hitting … Read more

Master the Perfect Right Arm in Golf Swing: Pro Tips

Right Arm in Golf Swing

The right arm plays a crucial role in the golf swing, providing power and control to the shot. By keeping the right arm close to the body and allowing it to bend slightly during the swing, golfers can achieve a consistent and effective swing motion. The right arm should rotate externally during the downswing, helping … Read more

How to Stop Pushing the Golf Ball: Expert Tips and Tricks

How to Stop Pushing the Golf Ball

To stop pushing the golf ball, improve your pivot and turn, check your setup and alignment, and learn to gain control of the clubface through impact. Additionally, apply a neutral grip, position the ball forward in your stance, flex your wrists before impact, and enhance your left shoulder turn to square the ball to the … Read more

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