How to Break 85 in Golf: Master Your Swing and Dominate the Course

To break 85 in golf, focus on hitting greens in regulation, avoiding double bogeys, and improving your short game. Use forgiving clubs and play with a soft compression golf ball.

Practice regularly and consider hiring a coach to improve your skills. Master the art of green reading and learn the correct ball position. Keep your driver in the bag and opt for a lay-up strategy. Aim for the middle of the green and take more club for better approach shots.

Work on your lag putting to save strokes. Lastly, focus on course management and have a strategy for each hole, while also getting physically fit for better performance on the course. Note: The initial two sentences are already written within the given guidelines.

1. Play Forgiving Clubs

When it comes to improving your golf game and breaking the elusive score of 85, one of the key strategies is to play with forgiving clubs. Forgiving clubs are designed to offer a larger sweet spot, allowing for better contact with the ball and increased accuracy.

Choose Forgiving Clubs That Offer A Larger Sweet Spot For Better Contact With The Ball

When selecting your golf clubs, it’s important to choose ones that are forgiving and have a larger sweet spot. This will help you find more consistency in your shots and improve your overall game. With a larger sweet spot, you’ll be able to make better contact with the ball, leading to longer and more accurate shots.

Consider Using Hybrid Clubs For Increased Forgiveness

In addition to choosing clubs with a larger sweet spot, another option to consider is using hybrid clubs. Hybrid clubs combine the features of irons and woods, offering forgiveness and versatility. These clubs are designed to be easier to hit and can help you hit higher and longer shots, even from difficult lies. With increased forgiveness, you’ll have more confidence in your shots and be better equipped to break 85.

Overall, playing with forgiving clubs is a great strategy to improve your golf game and break 85. Remember to choose clubs that offer a larger sweet spot and consider incorporating hybrid clubs for increased forgiveness. By investing in the right equipment, you’ll be on your way to achieving your golfing goals.

2. Optimize Your Wrist Flexion And Extension

When it comes to improving your golf game, one area that often gets overlooked is the proper optimization of wrist flexion and extension. This technique plays a crucial role in generating power and accuracy in your swing. By mastering the art of wrist movement, you can unlock the potential for better shots and ultimately break the 85 mark in golf.

Learn The Proper Wrist Hinge Technique To Generate Power And Accuracy In Your Swing

One of the key elements in optimizing your wrist flexion and extension is learning the proper wrist hinge technique. This technique involves the correct positioning of your wrists during the swing, allowing for maximum power transfer and accuracy.

To achieve the proper wrist hinge, start by gripping the club firmly but not too tightly. As you take your backswing, focus on cocking your lead wrist (for right-handed golfers, the left wrist) upward at a 90-degree angle. This allows for a full range of motion and sets the stage for a powerful downswing.

During the downswing, your trailing wrist (for right-handed golfers, the right wrist) should hinge back to a flat position at impact, creating a solid and controlled strike. This hinge ensures that the clubface is square at impact, reducing the chances of slicing or hooking the ball.

Practice Flexing And Extending Your Wrists To Improve Your Swing Mechanics

Now that you understand the importance of the proper wrist hinge, it’s time to put it into practice. One of the best ways to improve your wrist flexion and extension is through specific exercises and drills.

Start by focusing on flexing and extending your wrists in isolation. Stand in a relaxed position and hold a golf club with both hands. Begin by flexing your wrists upward as far as you comfortably can, then extend them downward. Repeat this motion for several repetitions, gradually increasing the range of motion as your wrists become more flexible.

Once you feel comfortable with these isolated exercises, incorporate wrist hinge movements into your full swing practice. Take slow and deliberate swings, paying close attention to the correct positioning of your wrists during the backswing and downswing. Practice this motion consistently to build muscle memory and improve your swing mechanics over time.

Remember, breaking 85 in golf requires a combination of skills and techniques. By optimizing your wrist flexion and extension, you can add power and accuracy to your swing, improving your overall performance on the course.

3. Master Green Reading

To break 85 in golf, one essential skill is mastering green reading. Understanding the slopes and breaks of the greens will help you make more accurate putts and lower your score. Practice reading greens to improve your chances of shooting in the 80s.

Developing the ability to read greens and understand the subtle breaks and slopes is an essential skill for any golfer looking to break 85. Green reading can significantly impact your putting performance and ultimately your score. By accurately deciphering the characteristics of the greens, you can make more confident and precise putts, shaving off strokes from your game.

Develop The Ability To Read Greens And Understand The Subtle Breaks And Slopes

To master green reading, start by observing the overall condition of the green. Look for any noticeable slopes, undulations, or areas that might affect the path of your putt. Notice how the grass looks and which direction it grows. This can provide valuable clues on how the ball might break.

Next, walk around the green and examine it from different angles. Take note of any visual cues such as shadows, discolorations, or changes in grass texture that might indicate a break. It’s important to train your eyes to see the minute details that can affect the ball’s trajectory.

One effective technique to enhance your green reading skills is to use your feet. By walking the line of your putt, you can feel the subtle changes in elevation and identify hidden breaks that might not be visible to the naked eye. Pay attention to how the ground feels under your feet, and trust your instincts when it comes to reading the green.

Learn How To Read The Speed Of The Greens And Adjust Your Putting Accordingly

Green speed is another crucial factor in green reading that can greatly impact your putting performance. Each green can have its own unique speed, influenced by various factors such as weather conditions, grass type, and maintenance practices. Therefore, it’s important to learn how to read the speed of the greens and adapt your putting accordingly.

One way to gauge the speed of the greens is to observe the putting strokes of your fellow golfers or professionals playing on the same course. Pay attention to the pace at which the ball rolls and how it reacts to the breaks. This can give you valuable insights into the overall speed and characteristics of the greens.

When it comes to adjusting your putting based on the speed of the greens, practice is key. Spend time on the practice green, experimenting with different stroke lengths and speeds. Develop a feel for how much force you need to apply to achieve the desired distance. By practicing on greens with varying speeds, you can improve your ability to read the greens and make more accurate putts during your rounds.

Remember, mastering green reading takes time and practice. It’s an art that requires observation, intuition, and experience. So, focus on developing your ability to read the subtle breaks and slopes and learn how to adjust your putting based on the speed of the greens. These skills will undoubtedly help you break the elusive 85 in golf.

4. Practice Weekly

To break 85 in golf, it is crucial to practice weekly. Consistent practice helps improve skills and build confidence on the course.

Commit To A Regular Practice Schedule To Improve Your Skills And Consistency

One of the key factors in breaking 85 in golf is consistent practice. It’s not enough to hit the driving range every once in a while or play a round of golf every couple of weeks. To truly see improvement and achieve your goal, you need to commit to a regular practice schedule. By dedicating a specific time each week to work on your game, you’ll develop the necessary skills and consistency needed to break 85.

Focus On Different Aspects Of Your Game During Each Practice Session

During your weekly practice sessions, it’s important to focus on different aspects of your game. This will help you improve your skills in all areas and avoid getting stuck in a rut. By dividing your practice time into specific areas, you can work on your weaknesses as well as refine your strengths. Here are a few key areas to focus on:

1. Driving

Your drives are crucial to setting up good scoring opportunities. Spend time on the driving range working on your technique, consistency, and distance. Focus on finding a swing that allows you to hit the fairway more often, giving you a better chance to reach the green in regulation.

2. Iron Play

The majority of shots in golf are played with irons, so it’s essential to have a solid iron game. Practice hitting different iron shots, from short approach shots to longer approach shots. Work on your accuracy, distance control, and consistent ball striking with your irons.

3. Short Game

The short game is often where golfers can save strokes and turn a good round into a great one. Spend time practicing your chipping, pitching, bunker shots, and putting. Focus on distance control, reading greens, and developing touch around the greens. By improving your short game, you’ll be able to recover from difficult situations and convert more pars and birdies.

4. Course Management

Lastly, include some practice time dedicated to course management. Work on making smart decisions off the tee, selecting the right club for each shot, and developing a strategy for each hole. By practicing your decision-making skills, you’ll be able to minimize mistakes and make more strategic choices that lead to better scores.

Remember, breaking 85 in golf takes time and effort. By committing to a regular practice schedule and focusing on different aspects of your game each practice session, you’ll be on your way to achieving your goal. So grab your clubs, head out to the course or the driving range, and put in the work to improve your skills and consistency.

5. Hire A Coach

To break 85 in golf, one effective approach is to hire a coach. They can provide personalized guidance, help improve your technique, and offer valuable insights to enhance your overall game. With their expertise, you’ll have a better chance of reaching your goal and achieving a lower score.

Consider Hiring A Golf Coach To Receive Personalized Instruction And Feedback

If you’re serious about breaking 85 in golf, hiring a coach can be a game-changer. A coach can provide you with personalized instruction and feedback tailored to your specific needs and goals. They have the expertise to analyze your swing and help you identify any flaws or inefficiencies that may be holding you back from reaching your full potential.

One of the major advantages of working with a coach is the ability to receive immediate feedback. They can pinpoint areas of improvement and provide you with specific drills and exercises to help you address those weaknesses. This personalized approach ensures that you are focusing on the areas that will have the most significant impact on your game.

A Coach Can Help You Identify And Correct Any Swing Flaws Or Inefficiencies

Swing flaws and inefficiencies can hinder your progress and prevent you from consistently hitting accurate shots. A coach can help you identify these flaws and provide you with the necessary guidance and drills to correct them. Whether it’s a problem with your grip, alignment, or posture, a coach can work with you to make the necessary adjustments to improve your swing mechanics.

With a coach by your side, you’ll have someone who can analyze your swing in real-time. They can help you understand the cause-and-effect relationship between your movements and the results on the course. By making the necessary corrections, you can ensure that you are maximizing your power and accuracy with each swing.

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How to Break 85 in Golf: Master Your Swing and Dominate the Course


Frequently Asked Questions On How To Break 85 In Golf

How Do You Break 80 Consistently In Golf?

To consistently break 80 in golf, follow these tips: 1. Play with forgiving clubs. 2. Use a soft compression golf ball. 3. Optimize your wrist flexion and extension. 4. Practice weekly. 5. Hire a coach. 6. Master green reading. 7. Learn the correct ball position.

8. Keep your driver in the bag. 9. Focus on course management and strategy. By implementing these strategies, you can improve your golf score and consistently break 80.

How Many Greens Does It Take To Break 80?

To break 80, you typically need to hit seven greens in regulation, have good up-and-down skills, and avoid double bogeys. It’s also helpful to have a forgiving club, use a soft compression golf ball, practice regularly, hire a coach, master green reading, and learn correct ball positioning.

Additionally, focus on course management and choose the right shots and clubs.

How Do You Break 100 In Golf Consistently?

To consistently break 100 in golf, follow these tips: 1. Play forgiving clubs. 2. Use a soft compression golf ball. 3. Optimize your wrist flexion and extension. 4. Practice weekly. 5. Hire a coach. 6. Master green reading. 7. Learn the correct ball position.

8. Keep your driver in the bag. Also, focus on course management, choose the right shots, and have a strategy for each hole. Stay in shape physically.

How Do You Break A 90 Score In Golf?

To break a 90 score in golf, follow these tips: 1) Use forgiving clubs and a soft compression golf ball. 2) Optimize wrist flexion and extension for better shots. 3) Practice regularly and consider hiring a coach. 4) Master green reading and learn the correct ball position.

5) Keep your driver in the bag and focus on hitting accurate shots. 6) Improve lag putting and course management skills. 7) Maintain a proper pivot and contact the sweet spot of the club. 8) Consider using wedges with low bounce on hard and dry surfaces.

9) Have a strategy for each hole and stay physically fit.


To consistently break 85 in golf, it’s crucial to implement a combination of strategies. By playing forgiving clubs and using a soft compression golf ball, you can optimize your shots. Improving your wrist flexion and extension, practicing regularly, and hiring a coach will also contribute to your success on the course.

Mastering green reading and maintaining the correct ball position are essential for consistent performance. Additionally, leaving the driver in the bag, laying up, aiming for the middle of the green, and taking more club will help you improve your scores.

Focus on improving lag putting and course management for better results. It’s all about consistency and playing to your strengths. So, put in the effort and watch your golf game soar!

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