Top 5 Best Golf Rangefinder Reviews

Looking for the best golf rangefinder? The point is, it’s always difficult to choose a rangefinder that suits your specific needs when there are so many options available in the market. But don’t worry, we’re here to help to find out the best golf rangefinder.

We’ve rounded up some of the best range finders so that you can choose the most suitable device for you.

Discover our comparative ranking of the best golf range finders. A laser rangefinder makes it possible to evaluate a distance precisely in a few seconds and especially the distance from the flag. This accessory is therefore very useful because knowing the exact distance allows you to choose the right golf club.

Here Are Our Top 5 Best Golf Rangefinders


1. TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder

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Buying a range finder is not the easiest thing for a golfer as there are so many options out there and each one claims to be the best. However, if you want something that will save you a lot of money while still giving you precision, efficiency, and versatility, the VPRO500 is what you need to buy.

It is very effective at locating your targets and can provide you with precise measurements up to 550 meters. Although it uses modern and very strong materials, it also has a soft and very elegant surface coating to make it a very attractive machine.

And the best thing is, you get all that value without having to spend a fortune.


Trio Modes:  The three modes used to locate the pin is one of the things that makes the VPRO500 unique and therefore worth buying.

These forms include the “Target First Priority” which will focus on the flag despite all the distractions in the background. The others are “ProScan” and “Distance Target Priority”.

Auto Target Acquisition Technology:  Unlike other range finders, it can eliminate signals from other large objects on the course and only focus on the pin or any other target you want.

Compact and Lightweight:  This device weighs just seven ounces, making it one of the lightest on the market, or at least in its class. Its compact design also makes it easy to transport on the course and also during storage.

Well Made and Durable:  Although it is very light, it is made from a very strong material, and it also has a padded case designed to cushion it against any impact.

Its glossy surface will also prevent the accumulation of foreign particles and dust and thus ensure that it will serve you for many years.

  • This rangefinder is sturdy and it has an attractive overall look.
  • You can switch between two different views.
  • Changing to or from the slope compensation function is quick and easy with the slope change technology.
  • This is an accurate rangefinder that has a sufficiently long-range.
  • The rugged, waterproof case prevents damage from accidental drops while making it suitable for all-weather use.
  • It uses a stable handle to make sure you can hold it and operate it with minimal shaking.
  • Jolt technology produces vibrations that will alert you when you cling to your target.
  • It is a tournament legal rangefinder.
  • The price will be the highest for many golfers.
  • Some features will take a long time to get used to, and beginners may also find data complicated.

2. Bushnell Pro X2 Golf Laser Rangefinder

Bushnell Pro X2 rangefinder


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The Bushnell Pro X2 is one of the best you can get, and it features Pinseaker with Jolt Tech, dual display, Slope-Switch technology, and 6X magnification.


PinSeeker with Jolt:  The PinSeeker is one of those technologies that you should always look for when shopping for a rangefinder. Bushnell Pro X2 features PinSeeker technology to make it easier to locate the pin and the Jolt to notify you when you lock onto the flag.

Dual Display:  With this rangefinder, you can choose between a bright red display and a bright black depending on your preference and the weather or lighting conditions.

Stable Grip:  Excessive shaking of the hands is one of the most common causes of inaccurate readings when using a rangefinder. But the Pro X2 uses Stable-Grip to make it easy to use for accurate readings by preventing excessive handshaking.

Slope-Switch Technology:  The slope compensation function is one of the best features of this rangefinder. But what makes it even more attractive is that it also has a slope switch for easy movement to and from the slope compensation function.

SHIELDED BOX:  This range finder comes in a sturdy, waterproof metal case that protects it from damage and also makes it suitable for use even in wet weather.

  • This rangefinder is sturdy and it has an attractive overall look.
  • You can switch between two different views.
  • Changing to or from the slope compensation function is quick and easy with the slope change technology.
  • This is an accurate rangefinder that has a sufficiently long-range.
  • The rugged, waterproof case prevents damage from accidental drops while making it suitable for all-weather use.
  • It uses a stable handle to make sure you can hold it and operate it with minimal shaking.
  • Jolt technology produces vibrations that will alert you when you cling to your target.
  • It is a tournament legal rangefinder.
  • The price will be the highest for many golfers.
  • Some features will take a long time to get used to, and beginners may also find data complicated.

3. Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Golf Laser Rangefinder

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The Bushnell Tour V4 rangefinder is 30% smaller than the Tour V3, so you can keep it in your pocket comfortably. It can measure from 5 to 1000 meters with 5x magnification.


Accuracy: The Bushnell Tour V4 rangefinder is more precise and faster than the Bushnell Tour V3. You should buy this rangefinder if you are looking for high accuracy.

It can measure from 5 to 1000 meters. It uses a 5x optical lens to make everything five times closer. You can focus on the target even faster with its rapid focus system.

Pin Seeker with Jolt Technology: Pin Seeker technology is a modern technology that helps to shoot at the target faster and more precisely. Jolt technology will alert you with a vibration when the target has been locked.

Water-resistant: Bushnell Tour V4 is water-resistant. But to be honest I suggest you don’t use it during heavy rain or foggy days. It is designed to prevent the entry of a small amount of water.

  • The ergonomic, lightweight, and compact design makes it a good buy.
  • Slope technology has a huge advantage for golfers if you choose a slope version
  • He concentrates very quickly.
  • The price is fair enough.
  • It only has one control button for everything which makes it easy to use.
  • The shake function is fantastic and also a significant advantage.
  • Bushnell Tour V4 is one of Bushnell’s most accurate rangefinders.
  • 5X magnification is still not the best.
  • The slope feature is not legal for some tournaments.
  • It needs a few steady hands to function well.
  • The battery can be quite difficult to insert.

4. Bushnell Pro X7 Jolt Slope Rangefinder

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The Bushnell Pro X7 Golf Laser Rangefinder with JOLT is another familiar laser rangefinder from Bushnell. It can measure from 5 yards to 1 mile (550+ yards at flags), with an accuracy of 1/2 yard with 7x magnification.


Accuracy: The Bushnell Pro X7 rangefinder is an excellent device for measuring distance accurately. It can measure up to 1 mile with an accuracy of 1/2 yard.

Pin Seeker with Jolt Technology: You can measure distances faster and more accurately, with Pin Seeker technology. You will get a slight vibration right after locking the target.

ESP 2: ESP2 gives you faster, more accurate footage. The main function of this function is to measure distances at a much faster rate, but also accurately.

Vivid Display Technology: If you have golf experience, you may notice that it is difficult to read measurement data on a clear day.

Sometimes this can cause big problems, especially in tournaments. To deal with this problem, Bushnell offers Vivid Display technology. It helps you get the best readings even on the clearest days.

  • Accurate reading.
  • Waterproof.
  • A little expensive.

5. Precision Pro Golf NX7 Pro

It’s a handy gadget with an adaptive slope feature that makes it legal for use in tournaments, target acquisition technology, pulse vibration technology, and a range of up to 400 meters.


Adaptive Slope: Adaptive Slope technology is one of the strengths of this range finder as it not only compensates for elevation but can also be turned off to make it a legal range finder for tournaments.

Pulsed Vibration Technology:  You never have to guess when you lock onto your target or even look at the screen because the rangefinder is designed to deliver a short vibration to alert you that you are locked onto the pin.

Target Acquisition Technology:  An impressive feature designed to scan objects in your field of view and focus on the desired target to ensure maximum accuracy.

Range:  While the 400-meter range might not seem like long enough compared to what other high-end range finders have to offer, it should still be more than enough for most golf courses. And to make it even better, this rangefinder maintains an accuracy of +/- 1 meter throughout.

Magnification:  With up to 6X magnification, this range finder is designed to let you see the flag and other things more clearly and up close.

Free Battery Replacement:  Besides coming with a free battery, the manufacturer also offers a free battery replacement for the life of this rangefinder, so you never have to buy one.

  • Adaptive slope technology makes tournament legal
  • Very precise measurements
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Simple and precise target acquisition
  • The water-resistant design makes it ideal for use in wet conditions
  • Pick up the flag easily
  • Crisp and clear optics
  • Free battery replacement.
  • Relatively short range.
  • The plastic case looks a bit cheaper.


Questions answers

What is a golf rangefinder?

A golf rangefinder is a device that has taken advantage of existing technology to measure distances indirectly from one point to another. A bit haphazard in its early years, the technology eventually obtained a high level of precision that has led companies to adopt it in many areas, including golf.

Professional golfers were quick to notice the great utility of golf rangefinders for training and competition.

The right technology for golf

As far as golf itself is concerned, the golf rangefinder is an optical device that measures distances on the course thanks to a laser projected on a target. The target then returns the light ray. The device measures the difference between the start and the landing to establish the distance between the two points.

Errors have been minimized with the development of rangefinders that increasingly target places to be reached, flags in particular.

If in its early days, the device might lock its beam on an object in the background, or get lost among the trees on golf courses located near wooded areas, it is now increasingly precise and attaches directly to the flag.

The operating mode of the golf rangefinder

The golf rangefinder, therefore, works from a laser beam. Most devices only need to press a button that triggers the invisible laser beam.

Golf rangefinders incorporate a digital clock responsible for performing distance calculations from the measurement between the moment the beam is triggered and the moment it hits the target. Digital clocks are getting faster and get the results done in a very short period.

Very advanced devices make it possible to establish results with great precision. The golf professionals do not hesitate to rely on data from the rangefinder to choose the golf club the most suitable for the situation and the best angle of approach.

The margin of error never exceeds one meter. Data typically appears in less than a second from the time the user presses the button.

How can a golf rangefinder help you?

Sport must adapt to the new reality. To improve its performance, it is now necessary to turn to technology. Professional golfers have adopted the golf rangefinder and to maintain an acceptable level of performance compared to the best golfers, there is no longer a choice, we must adopt the rangefinder, especially in a sport where the distances are great and where they play. a primary role.

Compared to a golf GPS, a laser rangefinder offers many advantages.

Calculate distances correctly

While it was once possible to roughly estimate distances by sight, it is now much easier to accurately estimate them in seconds.

Knowing the exact distance allows you to choose the right golf club for the next shot and to give the correct force to that shot.

It is especially the distance to the flag that is important. It has been shown that by knowing the exact distance between him and the flagstick, the golfer gains confidence and performs his strokes with a better relaxation.

Better confidence automatically improves golfer performance, especially since the latest range finders have a negligible margin of error, as they lock directly onto the target and not onto other objects on the course.

Take into account the difference in height

Most of the good brands of golf range finders have a slope evaluation mode. In addition to accurately providing the distance to the flag, the golf range finder can be of great help in assessing the change in elevation along the course.

The Slope technology, for example, is ideal to indicate the offset distance, that is to say, the angle of inclination or declination of the hole is measured to help you make the right decision when you jump.

It should be noted that the Slope technology is prohibited during tournaments. Their advantage being too marked compared to those who do not have it. Some modes have a feature to turn off Slope if needed.

Games that go faster

Another obvious utility of the golf rangefinder is that it makes games more enjoyable. It is no longer necessary to indulge in complicated calculations between each stroke to try to estimate the distance to the flag approximately.

There is also no need to wait an infinite amount of time while other players adjust. The games, therefore, take place more quickly and it is possible to take action and get started without delay.

Landmarks are not always very visible on a golf course, and again golfers take a while to orient themselves. The golf rangefinder does the work for you, telling you directly how far you are from your target.

How to choose a golf rangefinder?

As with golf GPS watches, there are many great models of range finders out there. It is not always easy to know which one is best for each golfer.

It all depends on your profile, but there are a few important principles to consider. If we often insist on the importance of precision for a rangefinder, it is not a selection criterion since the good models are all very precise.

Weight and dimension

The golf rangefinder must be of a practical size since it is used throughout the course. It is therefore necessary to choose a light model and not too thick. At the time of purchase, make sure that it is possible to operate the rangefinder with one hand.


Make sure that the display adapts to all light levels and that you can see the screen at a glance.

The more considerate manufacturers have foreseen the blow. However, by offering a function that allows them to go from measurements in yards to measurements in meters, with just the push of a button.

The accessories

The quality of the accessories can often tip the scales in favor of one model over another. Since you have to carry the rangefinder around the field, a strap is often very handy if you want to secure the device to your belt or golf bag.

A protective cover is also very useful to adequately protect the rangefinder. Some covers feature a modern and attractive design, which improves the eye in addition to allowing safe movement in the field.

There are even metal cases that represent only a small additional weight. Which provides maximum protection for the golf rangefinder. Some are even completely waterproof. That is very useful for the seasoned golfer who wants to train or play his game in any weather condition. With such a case it is possible to walk in the rain. Even if the case falls into lake water, the rangefinder will be protected.


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